Current Prayer Needs       

Prayer is a vital and foundational part of our lives.  Prayer helps connect us to God and gives us a chance to support each other.  We want to pray for you and your family.  You may share your prayer concerns each week in worship by filling out the Prayer Request Card found in the pew and placing it in the offering plate OR you can also submit a prayer request by filling out the form below.

Men & Women Serving Our Country

Dillon Marcum - USMC

Cody Goodman - USAF

Olivia (Cooper) Goodman - ONG

Tristan Mayes - Navy

Joshua Dixon - Navy

JD Persinger - National Guard - Iraq

Drew Bidwell - Military contractor in Afghanistan

This section updated on 7/19/18

Shut-ins, Rehab and Treatment

Jenny Rodeniser

Velma Glancy

Tony Boeshart

Brandon Presley

Chandler Adams

Ethel Pratt

Illness & Injury

Sue Sensibaugh

Betty Tiebout

Baby Charlotte Wright

Roger Buchannan

Meredith Pierpont

Logan Perkins

Tripp Hefflefinger

Ezekeil Moore

Severen Sowers

Carolyn Bebout

Ellie Muncy

Chuck Havelick

Keith Adams

Mike Stair

Jim Anderson

Duane Sceurman

John Dillon

Tom Harris

Penny Bidwell

Rick Ellis

Eva Sayre

John Adams

Myron Coblentz

Harold Uphouse

Barbara Uphouse

Bill Bero

Sheila Smith

Kelly Boyer

Nicole Nightingale

David Bowen

Wes Allen

Michelle Leasure

David Rhoads

Sherry Washington

Terry Washington

Bill Tiebout

Willy Cupples

Wayne McCoy 

Jim & Ann Dixon

Linda Smith

George Bricker

Barb Rodeniser

"The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." - James 5:16b (NLT)

Families that have lost loved ones  

Bonnie Anderson Family

In-College and College Bound   

Paul Bebout - Just completed 1st year at University of Toledo

Justin Doup - Just completed 3rd year at OSU

Emily Keener - Will be attending Penn State

Emily Murnane - Will be attending Kent State