We are a church of Christ in full fellowship with all of those congregations that are of an undenominational character following the simple program of Christ as outlined in the New Testament. We are simply a New Testament Christian Church.

As stated in the Bible:

- We believe that, Jesus is the Son of the Living God and because of His death, burial, and resurrection; we can have our sins forgiven.

- We believe that, the Bible is God's complete message to mankind for all ages and it is the standard by which we live and worship God.

- We believe that, every person is special and was created by God but we all have sinned and are in need of God's redeeming love.

- We believe that, the Bible clearly states that a person becomes a Christian by:

1. Believing that Jesus is the Son of God
2. Repenting or turning from their sins.
3. Confessing their faith in Christ.
4. Being baptized (immersed in water) for the forgiveness of their sins.

- We believe that, the purpose of the church is to love God with all of our heart, love our neighbors, and bring people into a saved relationship with God.

- We believe in the personality of the Holy Spirit. He is not an emotion or sentiment, but a thinking intelligence. He can be grieved, rejected or resisted. He is the third person of the Trinity. In conversion of the Spirit operates through the Word. He has told us what to do to be saved. God has ordained that the gospel is the power unto salvation.